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Some years back I started looking at nature in such a way that my life has been transformed. I am a cancer survivor and I realised why it just wasn't my time to go. Nature will embrace me and show me happiness in the simplest of forms and exhibit the traits of survival of the fittest!! To live and share with my family and friends such episodes of nature are completely enlightening for my soul. I hope you feel the same.

As it is said, house always win, nature will always win!! Never abuse what you have!! It is not going to last long. Lets do what we can in our little ways! Also thank and support people who have the courage to stand up and fight for the little hope there is to save our forests!!

Lastly, it is a pleasure to see my daughter and some of her friends so passionate and aware about nature, when she is out in the wild with me, nature is at its best!

Thank you for viewing !